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Put Window Graphics to Work!


Put Window Graphics to Work!

Lots of goods and services move thanks to window signs. New products are introduced, specialties are advertised and ads from other media are backed up as a point-of purchase reminder. The names of businesses are repeated at a height where passersby can easily read and respond to them. Window signs work because they are right where the visual action is—at eye level. They’re at the height of both driving and walking traffic, so sometimes do a better job of advertising than does the main identification sign.

Because of this, window signs can present a golden (and many times unregulated) advertising opportunity for business owners. And the closer you get to a business, the more important they become. In general, window signs are more effective when they are bold and simple. Less is read by more.

People have only a moment to grasp the message that the window sign is attempting to convey. Windows that are under a canopy, like in a plaza, present their own challenges because the direct sunlight doesn’t reach them. In this situation signs on the outside of the glass really stand out. So do neon signs and illuminated window signs. There are times when even the best window sign will not do as good a job as other signs. I recently spoke with the owner of an antique shop that was invisibly set back into a plaza. Their best sign solution was to place an A-frame sign in the parking lot. It’s important to ask, “Is a window sign the best place to put this message?” A-frames and ground signs should be considered since they may put the vendor’s message in a better proximity to the sightlines of a passersby. 

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