Channel / Can Letters



Are three-dimensional, metal or plastic letters, that are internally illuminated and either mounted to a sign panel, or direct to the surface.

Unlit three-dimensional letters are referred to as dimensional letters.

A standard channel letter is a three-dimensional shape, fabricated from sheet metal or plastic, with LED lights placed inside. The letters sides can be in any colour / finish you require.

Types of Illumination

Face / Front Lit

A translucent plastic face with transparent vinyl (any colour) is placed over the channel letter to allow the light to shine from the front.

Halo / Reverse Lit

The front of the channel letter is finished in metal / plastic as the rest of the letter, with the lighting directed to the back to “glow” around the letter. The “face” of it can be color / finish required, and colour LEDs (or white) lights are used to required colour effect.


Channel letters may be “flush mounted” (attached directly to the building facade) or “rear pin mounted” (attach with pins to stand off the backer), or they may be mounted on a sign box.
Sign Box is a rectangular mounting structure which serves as both a container for the sign's electrical components (such as a power supply) and a mounting structure.